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Urgent Care services: HWR to meet with Clinical Commissioning Group

15th May 2019

We are aware that some patients have had difficulties accessing walk-in Urgent Care services at Rutland Memorial Hospital (RMH) following the contract change at the beginning of April. There is also the separate, but related discussion, going on between commissioners at East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Oakham Medical Practice regarding provision of Minor Injuries services at Rutland Memorial Hospital.

Various updates and statements have so far failed to clarify the services and timings of those services satisfactorily and we are therefore meeting with the CCG next week to address the issues that have been raised to us by the public. This will include:

·         The gap between Minor Injuries finishing at 5 pm weekdays and Urgent Care (including Minor Injuries care) starting at 6.30 pm weekdays

·         Walk-in patients being turned away

·         The public confusion being created about what services are available where. The public want clear and consistent information across all websites and places of care such as GP surgeries, care homes, etc

If you have used an Urgent Care Centre recently, particularly Oakham or Melton Mowbray, we would be very interested to hear about your experience to further inform our discussion with the CCG:

Alternatively, the CCG invites people to contact them directly with any complaints.