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Task Groups

Although we monitor all aspects of health and social care, some issues are currently the subject of large projects.

Dementia Task Group

(this will come under the new Adult Mental Health Project in 2016/17). This group has recently published a report on Dementia Care services in Rutland. See the report below:

Young People’s Mental Health Project


Adult Mental Health Task Group

This new group will be looking at the provision of services for adult mental health in Rutland. Their findings will be published here.  If you have knowledge of these services, and are willing to share your experiences (anonymously or not) please contact us.


East Midlands Ambulance Service Task Group

Concerns remain very high over the extremely poor response times in Rutland. Our EMAS listening event in July 2016 gave the opportunity to EMAS to describe current actions being taken to address issues in Rutland and for the public to contribute suggestions for improvement. Healthwatch Rutland are continuing to work with EMAS to ensure these concerns are addressed:

Transfer of Care

This project ran from August 2016 to March 2017.  The initial findings can be found in the report below: