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Concerns Over Settings of Care Consultation

16th February 2017

Healthwatch Rutland has raised concerns with the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELRCCG) over the consultation on changes to their Settings of Care Policy (details can be found on the ELRCCG website here ).  The consultation is due to close on Monday 20th February 2017.  We have requested that the consultation process be withdrawn and discussed further.

We have been made aware of difficulties some people may have had with completing the ELRCCG’s online consultation survey regarding changes to this policy. If people are unhappy with completing the CCG survey, because it does not give them the opportunity to fully express their views, then they have the option to email the ELRCCG at

In addition, people may be interested in letting their MPs know of their views. The Continuing Healthcare Alliance’s online tool for contacting your MP on this subject can be found at this link