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Community Meetings


Healthwatch Peterborough Public Community Meetings
Our Public Community Meetings are held in public and everyone is welcome to attend and observe the meeting.
There will be the opportunity for those attending to ask a question, share an experience and/or highlight a forthcoming event they would like us to know about (possibly share on our e-bulletins or for us to attend).
Questions can also be raised in your absence. Please submit questions at least 5 working days in advance to:

All questions that are not answered during the course of the meeting will be actioned before the following Public Community Meeting.
Items on our agenda are not open to public questions and/or discussion during the meeting. However, questions and/or feedback regarding our agenda items may be raised when approved by the Chair and/or during period when open to the public (usually at the end).

The agenda will be uploaded to the website approximately one week prior to the meeting date.