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Caroline Spark, Board member

14th June 2018

Caroline works in Adult Social Services for Rutland County Council in the REACH (Rutland Enablement, Crisis Response & Health) team. She has recently completed an Open University degree with modules in Public Health, Dementia Care and Health and Social Care. She has a prior professional background in consultancy and has presented technical reports and proposals to a wide range of professionals.  Caroline strongly believes in communication between agencies and organisations to avoid wasting precious resources and has worked effectively in Multi-Disciplinary-Teams for RCC for several years. She has lived in Rutland since 2001 and has used many of its facilities (St Mary’s, Oakham Medical Practice, Rutland Memorial Hospital, Oakham Enterprise Park and the Community hub) and so understands some of the limitations and advantages of each.  She has varied interests in the health of Rutlanders from pregnancy, early years (including a particular concern for teenagers’ mental health services, CAMHS*) plus the vulnerable adults with whom she currently works.

*Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service