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Announcing our new HWR team

14th June 2018

From Professor Will Pope, interim Chair of Healthwatch Rutland:

I have great pleasure in welcoming three new Board members to Healthwatch Rutland (HWR).

Dr Janet Underwood (already a volunteer with HWR), who was originally a registered nurse and a patient advocate, and who also has a PhD centred on the NHS hospital visitor experience and is now engaged in healthcare policy and research.

Kirsteen McVeigh, who is a professional in Carers support, and is engaged especially in helping GPs in general practice in Leicestershire recognise and provide the support which Carers need, so a nice blend of health and social care.

Caroline Spark, who works in the RCC REACH team, and as well as a prior professional background in consultancy, Caroline brings the valuable insights of the REACH work and the breadth of coverage across the health and social care systems (and we will of course manage the potential conflicts of interest here).

Going forward we will have a very strong team of capable and bright people, who will do a fantastic job, with a great balance of professional health and social care experience, and all are Rutland residents.

As we planned, we’ll run with a Board of four whilst we re-set the new systems and processes, and then look to expand again to perhaps six to eight members later in the year.

We will now be going through an induction process and are therefore planning the first series of new HWR Board meetings.

Finally, as you may already know, Sarah Iveson left the employment of CTCIC with effect from 31st May 2018, to pursue other career goals. We wish her well for the future, and thank her for her work to date.

Tracey Allan-Jones was appointed as HW Rutland Manager with effect from Monday 4th June; Tracey will be almost full time – 4.5 days/week.  Congratulations to Tracey on this appointment.

We are now also actively seeking to recruit a new HW Rutland Officer, to support Tracey and based in Oakham, and again will be seeking to appoint on at least 4 days/week. Once this process is complete, the HWR Office in Oakham will be open full time.

Please join me in welcoming the new team.