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Sean Williams

20th January 2017

Sean Williams comes to Healthwatch from a “Man in the Street” perspective having had no involvement in the Health Service or Social Care (except, of course, as a patient). Having lived in Canada, the United States and France he has had experience of differing approaches to healthcare.

Born and raised in Northumberland, he was educated at Marlborough and Cambridge where he spent most of his time climbing mountains and the next ten years of his life were dominated working, amongst other things, as an instructor for the CCPR and the Outward Bound Trust.

He qualified as a teacher and taught at the Friends School in Cumbria & Lancashire. Finding difficulty in raising a family on a teacher’s salary, he joined Shell where he spent nineteen happy and productive years gaining experience in all aspects of Shell’s retail activities as well as the financial aspects of the business.  On his retirement from Shell, he went into business with an ex-Burmah-Castrol colleague trading base oils, from which he retired in 2003.

He brings thirty years’ experience in a competitive commercial environment, where the ability to identify and to solve problems as well as the ability to influence the course of events were paramount.  He believes in the importance of a truly national Health Service which is, and can be seen to be, fit for purpose.