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Miles Williamson-Noble

20th January 2017

Miles Williamson-Noble has been a resident of Rutland for 23 years. Most of his professional life was spent as an engineer in the Royal Air Force, where he rose to the rank of Air Commodore. He commanded Royal Air Force Halton, where he was not only responsible for technical training, but also for hosting a joint RAF/NHS hospital, the Institute of Pathology and Tropical Medicine, and nurse and dental training units.
After leaving the RAF he spent 10 years regulating professional standards with the Farriers Registration Council. He has been a County Councillor, a Parish Meeting Representative and served for a year as the High Sheriff of Rutland. These appointments have made him keenly aware of the need for the concerns of individuals who may be encountering difficulties to be represented to those who have the responsibility, the funding and the authority to put them right.

He feels that he has the qualities required to be a sympathetic listener, and the skills to bring concerns to those in authority. Having finished his year as High Sheriff, he has offered his time to be a volunteer with Healthwatch Rutland, with a particular interest in cross regional issues and support to the military.