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Christine Stanesby

19th June 2016

Christine has been resident in Rutland for 17years. Her professional life was in education with a variety of teaching experience including 14 years as a senior lecturer in a university department . As the wife of a parish priest she has had wide exposure to a range of personal and social problems. She spent 5 years as a volunteer in a hospice day centre, has been a governor of an independent school and for 18 years was a member of the petitions committee of a national charity. Christine has extensive knowledge of autism and Aspergers syndrome and is keen to support the provision of respite care, care for carers and provision for young people with disabilities as they move into the adult world. She was a member of the steering group of LINk and for 12 months was the HW representative on the Health and Wellbeing Board. She is currently the HW representative on the Alliance Contract Board and on Better Care Together. Christine sees the effective and efficient organisation of public services as a major concern and would like to make some contribution to working through the problems.